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Law Enforcement Report - Fhtimes.com: Law Enforcement

Law Offices of Marc S. Henzel Announces Securities Class Action Periods - Yahoo Finance

He was cited for failure to control his speed to avoid a collision and failure to remain at the scene of an accident. He was also cited for super extreme DUI with a blood alcohol level exceeding .20. *On Monday, Aug. 4, deputies were called to a collision at Shea Boulevard and Eagle Mountain Parkway.
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Sri Lanka violates refugee law by deporting Pakistanis: UNHCR - Yahoo News

Henzel ( www.henzellaw.com ) a firm focusing on shareholder litigation, gives notice to purchasers of the following securities for the following class periods: COMPANY GFI Group Inc. ( GFIG ) If you purchased securities in any of the companies during the class periods described above and/or own shares in any of the companies and would like to learn more about any potential claims or you wish to discuss these matters and have any questions concerning this announcement or your rights, please contact Marc S. Henzel (610) 660-8000, email at Mhenzel@Henzellaw.com , or to sign up online, visit the firms website at www.henzellaw.com . The Law Offices of Marc S. Henzel is a national shareholder litigation firm representing shareholders & investors in various areas of securities laws including but not limited to; class actions, derivatives, transactional (buyouts/takeovers/mergers) and FINRA & NYSE Arbitrations.
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"They are not sent forcibly. It is the practice all over the world. If they have overstayed, we have to send them back." Sri Lankan authorities in June canceled an on-arrival visa facility for Pakistani nationals after they said they found asylum seekers misusing the facility to enter into Sri Lanka. Earlier this month, Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry said the number of refugees or asylum seekers had risen by 700 percent in the 2013/14 period.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://news.yahoo.com/sri-lanka-violates-refugee-law-deporting-pakistanis-unhcr-162750121.html

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